Larian.My Running Challenge

2020 is the year of change. It’s finally time to step up the game and change yourself, change your lifestyle, change your perspective and be a better version of you.

And here at, we hope to inspire you to become a better version of you! Come and join us! Get rewarded with every challenge you undertake and finish, and let that achievements become the turning point to a greater future success!

And our very first event, The Mazerunner Challenge with a total distance of 12 KM is now up! Registration is open from the 15th of August 2020 to 15th of September 2020, and early bird registration runs from the 15th of August 2020 – 31st August 2020.

Check out the detail of our event below! 


Mazerunner Challenge 2020 – Registration is open now until the 15th of September 2020!

And while you’re here, do not forget to check out our blog here for health tips, guide, diet advice, workout routine advice and so much more as our editors contributes more to that section!

Start that new chapter of your lifestyle today. Join Larian.MY 2020 Challenge now! Registration is now open! Mazerunner Challenge 2020 Lucky Draw Contest

Together with our very first event, The Mazerunner Challenge 2020, a lucky draw contest sponsored by Adrafit is now on!

To join the lucky draw contest, simply register any one of our runner’s perks, and you will be autmatically entitled to a participation!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do I register for this event?

It’s simple! Just click on the link of the event you would like to join, and you will be taken to that event’s page. Read through to make sure you understand the details and entitlements that comes with the event, and just a bit lower, you will find a registration link for that event.   

And if that doesn’t work, you can always text us to register! We will walk you through the process step-by-step.

When will I get my Medal and Runners’s Entitlement? 

Medal and any other entitlements’ for the event will be shipped out approximately 1-2 weeks after the running period has ended. 

Each participants will be updated via whatsapp for their shipment tracking number accordingly.

Challenge Yourself. Larian.My.

I registered, but i did not complete the running distance. Will i get the entitlements i registered for. 

The primary motive behind the event is to get you to go out and run. If you couldn’t finish the run due to any medical/emergency reasons, considerations will be taken into account. But, as far as we are concern, we would hope that with the event, it would inspire and motivate you to go out and work out.

My running group intends to join the run. Are there discounts from group registration? 

Yes! If you and your friends decided to join the run together, we do provide discounts for group registration. Chat with us here!

I have amazing suggestion, and I want to share it with How do I do that? 

Simple. You can engage us on our twitter account @larian_my, or via our Facebook Page or via our Instagram 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

About Us

Larian.MY – Push Your Limit! is a Malaysia Based Initiative to get Malaysians to achieve better fitness and be more active in our daily routine. As we strive to make Malaysia a healthier nation, Larian.MY aims to motivate, engage and become the catalyst of a better and healthier lifestyle, while at the same time promoting health and fitness awareness through our fitness blog.

Officially launched in 2020, Larian.MY aspire to become the pioneer of continuous change in the Malaysian fitness and health landscape. You can also find us on our social media :


or if you have any suggestions / recommendations, feel free to share it with us directly through Whatsapp here!