Building your stamina – the right way

Stamina – the energy or “willpower” to get you going further ahead. Most people blames “low-stamina” for their poor amount of exercise they pull off. And often times, they compare themselves to athletes which “seemingly” have more stamina than they do.

This, of course, is true to some extent. Truth is, even athletes were once someone with little stamina. What grew or boosted their stamina was of course, their training routines, proper diet maintenance, and a good amount of rest. And guess what? All three of these factors can be easily adapted by anyone who is serious in building their stamina.

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Good amount of rest is a “no-brainer’. Sleep when you have to, sleep enough (6-8 hours of night sleep would be ideal).

A good amount of sleep will help your body in almost every aspect

Eat healthily – keep an eye on excessive sugar and salt intake, practice the “suku-suku-separuh” approach in eating a full meal – quarter part rice, quarter part meat/fish/poultry, and half part vegetables. This is probably one of the easiest way of keeping your plate clean and diet healthy.

And finally, the workout routine. As most athletes have always recommended, one approach to building your stamina via working out or training, is to gradually head towards your stamina target, slowly.

For example, running/jogging. If you are new to the routine, you can start off with probably a 2km jog/walk on your first day. And then give your body a 1-day rest, and then continue the next day with a small increment – maybe 2.3km jog/walk. You may repeat the process as much as you’d like, until you are able to reach a target which you have set before. This approach is probably one of the easiest and realistic way to increase your stamina through a workout training routine.

Constant exercise routine will help build up your stamina

And of course, do not forget to watch your diet as well, keep yourself away from excessively sugar-laden drinks, food, reduce processed and fatty food, and learn how to eat more vegetables as well.

In the long run, your body will benefit heavily from such change.

Remember, it’s not about limiting yourself to those guilty pleasures, it’s about realizing a new routine, a new norm.

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